5 Gluten-Free Restaurants in Budapest.

As a fulltime traveler with Celiac disease finding food in foreign countries is always an adventure. Sometimes it leads us to amazing places… sometimes it leads to Sorcha eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon for dinner. We found Budapest to be one of the easiest places to find Gluten-Free food and as a result, we got to eat out a lot. So we thought we’d share our top 5 Gluten-Free Restaurants in Budapest! Some of these are dedicated GF, and some are just very good as preparing GF foods.

1. Mazel Tov.

heaping pile of assorted spiced Mediterranean meats with colorful sauces of red pepper, and garlic cream, and a pile of diced pickled purple beets with cilantro garnish.
The Mixed Meat Platter, ask for it without

Ruin Bars are ALLLL the rage in Budapest and Mazel Tov is a great option for those who want to experience a ruin bar with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Offering middle eastern/ Mediterranean menu nearly everything except the pita bread is naturally GF! We went twice while in Budapest. They also have SUUUUPER tasty cocktails if you fancy a cheeky drink.

2. Drop.

bowl of paprika enriched goulash. With crusty GF bread and dotted with fresh parsley.

Drop is a 100% dedicated GF restaurant in the heart of Budapest. I had the BEST goulash of my whole life here. Also the only goulash of my life, but it was DELICIOUS. Offering indoor and covered outdoor seating a casual atmosphere and lots of great GF options we cannot recommend Drop enough. My husband who does not have Celiac said the drop burger was one of the best he’s ever had!

3. Free- a Gluténmentes Pékség

White plate with croissants and a vanilla and chocolate bundt cake.
The croissants were small but so delicious.

Who doesn’t love a good croissant? As someone with Celiac Disease gluten-free croissants are as elusive as they are grainy and dense. But this place makes the BEST GF croissants I’ve ever had! Light, fluffy and buttery, and CHEESY. I highly recommend stopping in here and grabbing a bag of them to keep at your hotel for morning snacks. This place is 100% dedicated gluten-free so you can relax and enjoy yourself without fear of cross-contamination!

4. KönyvBár & Restaurant

Grilled cod fish on a bed of octopus ink risotto, garnished with fennel and grapefruit pearls and a hollandaise sauce. On the plate in red edible ink is the words "I must not tell lies"
I must not tell lies.

If you’re looking for a singular food experience in Budapest you HAVE to go to KönyvBár & Restaurant. The food is book-themed and they offer rotating tasting menus where they “Cook the Book.” The book we ate was “Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix.” While the set menu contains gluten the chef was more than happy to modify all of the dishes that contained gluten (and we didn’t notice a difference)!! It was a bit of a spendy-er evening but the experience and food were WELL worth it!

5. GLUTEN FREE Bekery & Coffi

4 white plates on a wooden table with a green flowerpot containing daisies. The two farthest plates contain black tea. the two closest have chocolate rolls and 3 multi-seed buns stuffed with assorted colorful veggies and cheese!
omg nom nom.

If you decide to head up to Buda Castle this is a great place to stop before or after for a bite to eat. Offering 100% GF pastries and a vegan menu we found this GLUTEN FREE Bekery & Coffi a surprising delight. We highly recommend their tiny veggie sandwiches!

Honestly, there were SOOO many GF food options in Budapest. We were SHOCKED. It was really nice to have the option of going out every night if we wanted to because we knew we could find safe delicious food. There were another 4-5 places we didn’t have time to get to but we know we will go back to Budapest one day!

What do you think? Do you feel like you need to visit Budapest now?!

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