Below is a list of commonly asked questions we receive from followers. If you have further questions please fill out our contact form and we will be glad to get back to you if we have applicable information!

How do you afford to travel full time?

We afford full-time travel through a variety of means including property investment. But most of our day to day funds come from our software development work. We build apps and websites for small businesses. We are currently building courses to teach people how to code and build an online software development business. The course will include advice and support to help students be successful. If you are interested in taking those courses please sign up here to let us know and we will notify you when the courses are live!

Where do you stay when you travel?

We use a combination of staying with friends/ family, hostels, camping Airbnbs and house sitting through Trusted House Sitters! We probably house sit 60% of the time and stay in Airbnb’s 20% of the time. We’ve got some links for discounts here, and here for Airbnb and here for Trusted House Sitters!

How much/ what did you bring with you?

This is a long answer… so we’ll give the short one here. Our gear is constantly changing and evolving…especially Sorcha’s wardrobe. We each brought two backpacks, which has now basically changed to one backpack each. 1 pair of shoes, about 4-5 changes of clothes, basic toiletries and of course camera gear, laptops and all their accessories. We’re working on a gear page with links to all our essential gear and will post it soon!

How do you decide where to go?

Initially, our decision was based on where we could fly easily in Europe for free. When we started this journey Sorcha had airline perks that allowed us to get overseas for free. So we flew into Edinburgh and started off in Scotland. We then used the UK as a sort of “base” because we can travel through the UK for up to 6 months in a year without a Visa. As for the other places we go/ are going, we had a rough list when we set out. Portugal, Italy, France, Hungary, Turkey, India, China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Bali, Morocco etc. After creating a list we looked for cheap flights as they came available using apps like Hopper, and Skyscanner.

How do you find gluten-free food while abroad?

This is one Sorcha gets the most. For those of you who don’t know Sorcha was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of 19. She does research through many methods, from good old fashioned Google to reading other Gluten-Free themed travel blogs. Part of why Sorcha and Matt use Airbnb and Trusted House Sitters is because it allows them the ability to cook their own food. They have an ongoing highlight reel on their Instagram where you can see their most recent gluten-free adventures. Sorcha and Matt are currently curating a list of gluten-free restaurants from around the world and plan to conduct a Gluten-Free Celiac safe international tour to IRELAND in 2020. They are taking pre-sign-ups now.

How can we get in touch with you?

For press inquiries and questions about our upcoming gluten-free tour please reach out to sorcha@sorchaandmatt.com

For questions about software development opportunities please reach out to sorcha@mustardncobalt.com

To ask more about our software and digital nomad courses please reach out to matt@mustardncobalt.com